Strategic consultancy for research, development and implementation of innovative projects

Keeping up with the times and dealing with constantly evolving contexts is the spirit that animates the Research and Development division of IDEA.

We have now achieved many years of experience in the sector that allows us to assist the customer in the development of innovative solutions.

A department constantly engaged in project activities at national and European level, with the aim of monitoring the evolution of the competitive context and current innovation trends and researching the best practices to be implemented in the design of new solutions for the market.

We support you with strategic consulting services to undertake high-level design paths.

We assist you at all times: from the definition of the technical specifications, to the identification of funding up to the realization of the idea itself.

In our services:

  • Participation in R&D research and development projects

  • Collaborations with research institutions

  • Journal and scientific publications

  • Industrial research

in partnership with:


  Study, design and prototyping of a system for the mapping and classification […]