Integration of intelligent robotic systems for Smart Manufacturing

We help customers solve labor shortages, increase productivity, improve product quality with sustainable, flexible and safe applications from a smart manufacturing perspective.

We design and implement robotic lines and cells based on specific customer needs, using robots from the most well-known brands, in particular ABB, Kuka, Universal Robot.

IDEA proposes itself as a system integrator to create tailor-made:

  • Robot with vision system for driving, inspection, defect detection, alignment and measurement

  • Kinematics implementation suitable for different automation needs: scara, delta and anthropomorphic

  • Robot with random bin picking applications for collecting randomly arranged objects

  • Solutions with robots or cobots for assembly, packaging, handling, palletization, quality control

  • Applications with collaborative robots

The applications of industrial robots are innumerable, in fact, thanks to the new collaborative machines and solutions that integrate artificial intelligence (AI) systems, it is possible to use these devices in any field: automotive, aerospace, medical, chemical, etc ...

We rely on leading companies:


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