Vision system

Design and development of customized innovative artificial vision systems

We design and manufacture artificial vision systems for visual inspection and quality control applications, integrating them with industrial control and handling devices.

Our computer vision solutions are aimed at customers who need applications characterized by a complex mode of image acquisition, influenced by the conditions in which the reading is performed.

The complexity of the acquisition can in fact be linked to several factors:

  • “Inhospitable” environment with high variability of light, heat and humidity conditions

  • High acquisition speed

  • High processing capacity to “extract” the object being read/recognized

All this has not prevented us from developing recognition and artificial vision systems that overcome the limits imposed by the complexity of the acquisition methods thanks to the ability to always propose ad hoc solutions for every need in this area.


We develop a wide range of applications including:

  • Quality check

  • Check surfaces

  • Recognition of shapes and colors

  • Alignment of pieces

  • Press

  • Reading and verification of codes / images

  • Robot guide for machining

The advantages of a machine vision system are:

  • The objectivity of quality controls

  • The increase in production efficiency

  • The reduction of labor costs

  • The constant tracking of processes in order to ensure the automation of industrial processes

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