Industry 4.0

Digitalization and interconnection of industrial processes

When we talk about industry 4.0 we refer to the digitalization of industrial processes.

In Industry 4.0, all production processes are interconnected and controlled thanks to the use of new digital technologies, sensors and low-cost wireless connections that also interface them with business management software.

Making 4.0 interconnection means making sure that machines and systems talk to each other and to the computer systems of the factory. They communicate data and information bidirectionally.

IDEA helps you manage and automate business processes by interconnecting each department of the company according to industry 4.0 paradigms.

IDEA acts as a single interlocutor for the project, following not only the implementation of the technological solution, but also the coordination of the suppliers of the machines and consultants in charge of the final assessment for access to the facility.

Phases of the project:

  • Technical analysis: technical assessment and design of a bidirectional interconnection solution that guarantees the satisfaction of Industry 4.0 requirements (in particular the mandatory requirements 2 and 3 of the call)

  • Involvement of machinery suppliers and consultants I4.0

  • Solution development: implementation and testing of the technological solution

  • I4.0 appraisal support: verification of the solution with I4.0 consultants


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