CSP control

Mirror control in a CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) solar system.


Develop an electronic control board capable of controlling a matrix of 25 mirrors that act as a solar concentrator towards a Sterling motor.






"A project developed with Microchip technology that opened the doors for us to become Microchip Design Partner."

Umberto Florio

The project envisaged the realization of the control electronics hardware (including the case) for the mirror system of the CSP solar concentrator, the porting of the control algorithm developed in MATLAB on a Microchip microcontroller and the development of further firmware modules necessary for system operation.

The CSP-Concentrated Solar Power system concerns a technology that allows you to concentrate the sun’s rays from a large surface to a point (Focal) through the use of lenses or mirrors. Concentrated light can be converted into electricity or used as a source of thermal energy.

During the design process it was decided to assemble an initial prototype (prototype 0) consisting of a Microchip development board and a first motor driver.

The system features are:

  1. Handling 25 pairs of stepper motors according to the algorithm provided by the customer
  2. Pyranometer handling
  3. Power failure management
  4. Battery management
  5. System Log Management
  6. System Warning Management (with TimeStamp)
  7. Automatic Recalibration Algorithm Management.
  8. Hydraulic Pump Management
  9. Liter counter management
  10. Datalog management
  11. Flash saving of the datalog

User menu to manage the following functions:

  1. Change Now
  2. Change Date
  3. Change Latitude and Longitude
  4. Structure rotation setting
  5. Structure angle setting
  6. Load Temperature Setting
  7. Manual Recalibration
  8. Geometric parameters setting of the receiver
  9. System Reset
  10. Standby function
  11. Flush from serial data log
  12. Flush from datalog flash
  13. Parameter View
010_csp 011_csp 012_-cspschema-scheda



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