Industrial automation

Turnkey projects for industrial automation and optimization of production processes

IDEA designs and manufactures customized and turnkey industrial automation systems for the automation, supervision, control and optimization of the production process

We offer complete and modular systems
according to customer requests:

  • Robotized palletization for different product sectors, packaging and production rates

  • Robotic islands

  • Test and testing facilities

  • Supervisory systems

  • Traceability systems

  • Measurement and data acquisition systems

  • Automatic calibration systems

  • Dimensional and qualitative checks with vision systems

  • Durability test

  • Electrical panel design

  • Real time application development

  • Revamping of existing machines and systems

We design and build customized software based on customer specifications by creating data acquisition systems for testing and measurement, automation, computer vision (imaging), databases.

We have decades of experience in the National Instruments world and are Labview certified developers.

We are able, according to the customer's needs, to follow the entire construction process:

  • Analysis and feasibility study

  • Mechanical, electrical, electronic and software design

  • Realization

  • Testing

  • Commissioning

  • Post-installation support

We rely on:


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blocco I12 giallo
Via Luigi Albertini 36
60131 Ancona
T. +39 071 2119706

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