Test bench software development

Control of test benches for injectors.

Control of test benches for injectors.

THE REQUEST: Develop the control software and the graphic interface for injector test benches to measure losses in urea and water.






"Using NI LabVIEW has significantly reduced software development time by allowing the entire project to be built on a single platform."

Gianluca di Buò

In the field of powertrain systems, IDEA has been involved in the development of software for test benches on injectors. The system in question consists of a test station that measures the loss of injectors in urea and water. 

The aforementioned system is characterized by a unique structure with:

  1. Electrical cabinet: consisting of all the electronics of the counter, the control PC and UPS,
  2. Test station,
  3. Hydraulic unit for powering the test circuit.

The management of the entire system is centralized in a single PC equipped with the Molex PCD-DPIO card for access to the profibus network consisting of an ET200S, 2 FESTO valve groups and 2 BERGER LAHR motors.

The development was carried out using Labview software.

From an architectural point of view, the hardware structure is made up of a Siemens PC to which appropriate PCI cards are interconnected, which are able to communicate with the various elements that make up the test module. Among these we have the Profibus fieldbus interface card that allows you to manage distributed I / O and electrical drives.

From a software point of view, the solution was approached by adopting the Task paradigm. These are functional software modules that perform specific tasks in an exhaustive manner and exchange information with the other “Resources” of the system. The software is then structured through an architecture that consists of 3 different layers.

021_sw-labview 022_sw-labview

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