Our team is made up of highly qualified specialists motivated by a constant thirst for innovation and new discoveries.
We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and people who are excited about our projects.

Gianluca Di Buò / Ceo & Project Manager

CEO and founder member of IDEA with a degree in industrial automation engineering and a PhD in computer engineering, management and automation.

Gianluca is our project manager and coordinator of research activities. He’s a stickler for team work and problem solving, and his priorities are attention to detail and sharing success in everything he does. He has an enquiring mind and is fascinated by invention; he loves experimenting with new ideas.

He carries out research and development work in mobile robotics and wireless sensor networks, with a particular focus on integration.

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Gloria Rossi / Project Manager & Planning

A graduate in computer engineering and industrial automation, Gloria is responsible for managing, evaluating and presenting research projects at IDEA, a job that she carries out with enormous dedication, organising everything down to the finest detail.

Gloria is also in charge of the daily running of the company and keeps us all in line.

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Umberto Florio / Firmware & Hardware Developer

A graduate in electronic engineering, Umberto is involved in hardware design and firmware development at IDEA. He never stops till the project is complete. Umberto is also a LabVIEW developer and has a CLAD certificate.

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Marco Filipponi / Software Developer

Marco is an electronic engineering graduate and IDEA’s LabVIEW developer. Over the years he has become an expert in industrial automation solutions, end of line solutions and production facilities. Marco is also a keen cyclist, so he knows how to tackle the steepest climbs to reach his goal.

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Mikael Brunetti / Hardware & Firmware Developer

Mikael is an industrial electronics technician and is involved with hardware design at IDEA.

Apart from his interest in electronics, Mikael has in-depth knowledge of operating systems and networks which he handles with precision and expertise.

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Stefano Giovanelli / Research & Development

Graduated in Electronic Engineering,  he mainly carries out research and development activities on detection and monitoring systems applied in the environmental and industrial fields.

He has NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer certification.

The research and development activity carried out by Stefano is transversal to all IDEA activities.

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Sebastian Giles / Ricerca & Sviluppo

Graduated in Computer Engineering and Automation, in IDEA he develops software for our embedded solutions.

Sebastian became passionate about electronics and control systems during his participation in the university’s racing team.





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Pierluigi Antonini / Ricerca & Sviluppo

Graduated in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Intelligent Artificial Systems. During the years he has been involved in research and development activities in the automotive sector, systems for electric traction of vehicles, developing not only solutions for vehicle dynamics and suspension schemes, but also measurement systems and networks of communication between the components.

An engineer with a great passion for motorsport. He worked as a telemetry player on the track for several teams, including Team Ombra (2017 Italian Super GT3 champion), Audi Motorsport Team Joest and Picchio.

In addition, he loves mobile robotics, AI for entertainment and Lego.


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Daniele Marcozzi / Ricerca & Sviluppo

Graduated in Electronic Engineering, Daniele is a Labview developer in IDEA. A great competence in industrial automation which is complemented by the knowledge of Linux systems.

A great passion for the Japanese world and robotics make Daniele a 360 ° engineer, a reference point for the whole team!




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Zachary Kiernan

Coming from Ireland, he joined IDEA with the ERASMUS + project

Passionate about Software development, Robotics and Artificial Intelligences, he takes care of our R&D projects, and obviously is our trump card for English language!

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