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What does it mean to work at IDEA?

Becoming part of our team of technicians and engineers will allow you to grow, immediately you will be involved in important and innovative projects in very different sectors.

We are always looking for trained and motivated people to integrate into our team, we have made this quote our own and we deeply believe: "A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible".

SW-Labview developer

He is responsible for following the development of software in the Labview environment of test benches.

Is required:

  • Degree or diploma in scientific technical disciplines

  • Good knowledge of Labview and National Instruments hardware

  • Knowledge of basic elements of electronics and automation systems

  • Good knowledge of the English language

  • Willingness to travel

Electrical engineer

Within the research and development team, he is responsible for following all phases of product development: from the definition of the technical specifications to the engineering of the product itself.

Is required:

  • Degree in electronic engineering

  • Knowledge of the main design software

  • Knowledge of the C language

  • Knowledge of digital and analog programming of embedded systems and microprocessors

  • Good knowledge of the English language

SW developer

He deals with development at various levels.

Is required:

  • Degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering

  • Knowledge of C, C ++, Java, Html 5, Phyton, Php

  • Knowledge of Linux environment.

Mechanical engineer

It deals, in collaboration with other specialists, to idealize and develop plants, machinery or mechanical components by defining their functional and technical characteristics.

Is required:

  • SW knowledge for CAD / CAE design

  • Knowledge of 3D design and 3D design

  • IT skills

  • Knowledge of the reference standards

  • Good knowledge of the English language

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Working for IDEA

Joining our team of technicians and engineers will allow you to grow. From the outset you will be involved in major ground-breaking projects from a wide range of industrial sectors.

We're always looking for highly-motivated, trained individuals to join our team, this is our statement and it's what we firmly believe: a group of people who share the same objective can achieve the impossible.


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