Soil erosion


Monitor the soil to acquire data on the benefits of innovative farming methods.

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LOCCIONI is a solid reality that has exported its products all over the globe. Designs and manufactures measurement and control systems to improve the quality, safety and sustainability of industrial processes and products. Solutions such as: mobility, energy, health, the company assists those who produce goods and services to improve their prerogatives. The company also promotes the development of the territory through innovative solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow.

The needs

In the heart of the Marche countryside lies the San Clemente Valley, a secret valley rich in history, nature and spirituality. In this area, the Municipality of Apiro and the LOCCIONI company have launched a public-private project to enhance the historical, cultural, artistic, naturalistic and agricultural heritage of the valley and thus create new work. Hence the need to monitor the land to acquire data on the benefits brought about by innovative cultivation methods.

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