Software development for test benches on electric motors


Develop a control system to carry out noise analysis on electric starter motors.






"The flexibility of LabVIEW has made it possible to obtain an easy-to-use test bench for electric motors with a pleasant, intuitive and complete graphic interface.
The CompactRIO platform has made it possible to create a complete and expandable system quickly and with low costs.

Umberto Florio

The problem that arises in the face of manual testing is mainly the high number of operations required to complete the test, regardless of its outcome, which are framed by incorrect wiring and operator distractions. With the creation of an automatism that checks all the thresholds, the values ​​of interest and the internal and external variables involved, they have considerably reduced the risks of incorrect testing caused by factors not directly related to the conformation and nature of the hardware to be tested, as well as reducing the total test times.The software was developed in Labview for test benches on electric starter motors for the analysis of noise.

The desk consists of three stations, each of which is independent from the others. Vibration, current and voltage tests are carried out on each. The analysis system is based on National Instruments cRIO architecture.

From a software point of view, the solution was approached by adopting the Task paradigm. These are functional software modules that perform specific tasks in an exhaustive manner and exchange information with the other “Resources” of the system.


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Umberto Florio

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