Innovative robots at Fiumicino airport

Thanks to the contribution of the Innovation Hub of Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci airport, passengers will be able to enjoy innovative services.

These are two of the examples of the work that came out of the Innovation Hub of the Leonardo Da Vinci airport, which after a selection process hosted ten start-ups from all over the world to develop innovative products that maintain the quality standards achieved by the airport.

We believe that to do this, the best thing is to turn to smart realities that use new approaches to solve past problems.” said Emanuele Calà, the head of Innovation and Quality at Rome Airports.


Ottobot will take care of delivering the products they have purchased online from the airport shops to passengers awaiting boarding.

It is an autonomous delivery system of available products, therefore the passenger, once they have passed the security checks, can order their products and services online and have them delivered directly to the gate before boarding.

It is a prototype and is the only one available on the market.






Pixies – Innovation cabin crew – will have the task of keeping the spaces of the Rome-Fiumicino airport clean. It was developed by a Roman start-up, is completely autonomous and is able to directly identify dirt and waste.

Unlike traditional household cleaning robots, it does not trace the entire map, but goes directly to where the waste is.

The airport environment is ideal for developing the product, perfectly fine-tuning the navigation and obstacle-advice algorithms that the robot possesses.



Then there are other innovative projects developed by the airport’s Innovation Hub, such as a self-driving wheelchair, capable of transporting travelers who require walking support from the terminal entrance to the gates. There are also artificial intelligence solutions that make security checks and baggage handling faster and more efficient, as well as making the turnaround of aircraft on the stand more sustainable, reducing C02 emissions.


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