Communication System with CAN


THE REQUEST: Create a software with graphic interface on CAN OPEN stack to communicate with modules on CAN BUS.

"The first project that was entrusted to me. I had to integrate the hardware and the software, a challenge that is not simple but stimulating."

Mikael Brunetti

We have developed the management software for a CAN control unit based on embedded linux. The control unit communicates with various CAN devices to receive information and configure the aforementioned.

From an architectural point of view, the hardware structure consists of a board with embedded linux capable of communicating via CAN with peripheral modules.

For the development of the software application, the web2py framework was used, an open source framework for the agile development of secure and data-centric web applications; is written and programmable in Python and contains all the components needed to build fully functional web applications. Using this architecture, it is possible to obtain software that can be used on any platform without the need to install applications on the user’s devices. Furthermore, the creation of the graphic interface using HTML 5 allows for a scalable GUI and therefore usable on devices with very different resolutions.


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