Flexible Blood Bag



Financing: European project– SmartEEs


Participants:  IDEA soc. coop., IMEC and AMIRES.

"We have created a flexible blood bag thanks to the participation in the European project - SmartEEs: a revolutionary monitoring device and platform that provide traceability of blood bags, ensuring their blood storage throughout the process."

The problem that exists in this area is the lack of knowledge of the conditions to which the blood bags are subjected during their handling both in hospital and between hospitals.
It often happens that the blood bags are taken from the blood bank and taken to the various departments where it is not yet clear how long they remain and above all at what temperature.
The blood bag must remain at low temperatures (4 ° C +/- 2 ° C).

It cannot exceed this interval for more than about 10 minutes unless it needs to be rewarmed to be transfused.
Sometimes, however, some bags get lost.
With our system we want to reduce all these uncertainties, so as to make the entire blood supply chain more efficient and also provide support to operators who, when they see the bag arrive, can decide whether to accept it or not.

The BOSET device can monitor these parameters: temperature, humidity, brightness, time and expiration date, blood and patient information.

The device measures and communicates via Near-Field Communication, CAN Bus and Bluetooth Low Energy with smartphone and cloud platform connected to the integrated transfusion medicine network.


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